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  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast9 oy oldin

    Subscribe! I’d hate for you to lose money because you forget lol

  2. Amani Ammar

    Amani Ammar12 kun oldin

    I wanted Karl to win ):

  3. Joshua Wells

    Joshua WellsOy oldin


  4. Gracie Joy

    Gracie JoyOy oldin

    Mr beast you should be in more of your challenges

  5. stich_plays

    stich_plays3 oy oldin


  6. Alecgamer16 - Random

    Alecgamer16 - Random3 oy oldin

    ok I will do it if I must

  7. gacha gurll

    gacha gurll17 daqiqa oldin


  8. Malic Baja

    Malic Baja32 daqiqa oldin

    bro karl rage quit

  9. Sean Andrei

    Sean Andrei39 daqiqa oldin

    Whoa! Chandler got a strike.

  10. Luca Trento

    Luca TrentoSoat oldin

    Finally chandler won

  11. Kakak Yaya

    Kakak Yaya2 soat oldin

    Me when they TOUCH the water:doesn't who touch water lose?


    MEISNOTHACKER2 soat oldin

    I'm glad nolan didn't win cause he was just gonna sell the island immediately

  13. Breeana Bass

    Breeana Bass3 soat oldin

    Cb,koi,L@= my cat righted this

  14. Prakhar Gupta

    Prakhar Gupta4 soat oldin

    I feel sad Karl was voted because of a challenge in the first hour or something

  15. Alpha Gaming

    Alpha Gaming4 soat oldin

    Support dude perfect

  16. shrexy ogre

    shrexy ogre4 soat oldin

    i sub already

  17. Z

    Z5 soat oldin

    Karl crying in the chest I-

  18. 3SA 2021

    3SA 20215 soat oldin


  19. Amanda Riggins

    Amanda Riggins6 soat oldin

    Lets gggooooo Ccchhhaaaaannntttllleeeeerrr

  20. Camilla Husum Brøndby Strand Skole

    Camilla Husum Brøndby Strand Skole6 soat oldin

    Nooooooo!! Karl

  21. Krís Tøff Jøhnsøn

    Krís Tøff Jøhnsøn7 soat oldin

    Hey Jimmy you should come the Queens NewYork

  22. Your Gay

    Your Gay8 soat oldin

    Chandler went god mode and won

  23. Leonie Osborne

    Leonie Osborne9 soat oldin

    Good job

  24. Thunder Boy

    Thunder Boy9 soat oldin

    Does this remind anyone of Total Drama Island

  25. FlamingoZ

    FlamingoZ9 soat oldin

    Nolan stop the island was a lot

  26. Alex Mullins

    Alex Mullins9 soat oldin

    I'm sub

  27. Wesley Whiteside

    Wesley Whiteside10 soat oldin

    When subscribing to a channel actually affects the rest of your life.

  28. Rebecca Pool

    Rebecca Pool12 soat oldin

    i feel so bad FR KARL

  29. Relaxation and Meditation

    Relaxation and Meditation12 soat oldin

    Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day ❤️

  30. Vin Cor

    Vin Cor12 soat oldin

    Tbh they should have had a last challenge for the tiebreaker instead of luck

  31. Avery Cole

    Avery Cole13 soat oldin

    Was I the only one who was so happy when chandler won :)

  32. Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah8 soat oldin


  33. Ken Nguyen

    Ken Nguyen15 soat oldin

    Karl and chanler is kissing

  34. Grace Is cool

    Grace Is cool15 soat oldin

    I feel terrible for Karl survivor is his thing and he didn’t win

  35. Coby

    Coby18 soat oldin

    All entertaining purposes aside, this was in parts less a challenge than mere luck and gamble^^

  36. Jake Og

    Jake Og18 soat oldin


  37. Luukyluukie

    Luukyluukie19 soat oldin

    pause at 8:31 and look at Chandlers face

  38. Marcus Milroy

    Marcus Milroy20 soat oldin

    i only subbed for CHANDLER

  39. Mario Madness

    Mario Madness21 soat oldin

    Where is the link guys I can't find it???

  40. Qwerty786

    Qwerty78621 soat oldin

    I play Lords Mobile

  41. Taaha Mirza

    Taaha Mirza21 soat oldin

    900000 exactly


    ISHRAT JAHAN SATHI21 soat oldin

    The Golden Coconut’S are legendary.

  43. David White

    David White22 soat oldin

    I’ve been watching your videos for 10 years I am 17

  44. Aydan Irani

    Aydan Irani22 soat oldin

    GO CHANDLER!!!!!

  45. Marvin Jabez

    Marvin Jabez22 soat oldin


  46. Elye Harris

    Elye Harris22 soat oldin

    Poor Karl

  47. Gunnar Wilson

    Gunnar Wilson23 soat oldin

    Lol my names Nolan

  48. ASH Hello

    ASH Hello23 soat oldin

    Total drama island

  49. Majid Altowijri

    Majid Altowijri23 soat oldin


  50. MALMEXCZ 2

    MALMEXCZ 223 soat oldin

    and then chandler sold the island...

  51. IAmOt7 Stan

    IAmOt7 Stan23 soat oldin

    Chris has to be the nicest guy I've ever seen...


    BOFIL ARAGOKun oldin

    CHANDER Let’s GOOOO!!!!!!!

  53. miss oof

    miss oofKun oldin

    Anybody acknowledging that they kissed each other

  54. Data mode

    Data modeKun oldin


  55. Prince of Gaming

    Prince of GamingKun oldin

    Amazing job gentler can’t believe they make means of you Memes of you that’s stupid I mean you don’t listen to him because you win a lot doesn’t mean that you just lose that doesn’t mean anything at least you have a life you’re the best keep it up

  56. Nicholas Rothe

    Nicholas RotheKun oldin

    Dude i was so happy when Nolan got out. Nothig personal. But it didnt fell right that he was gonna sell the island.

  57. Fiyin

    FiyinKun oldin

    Jokes on you Chandler sold it



    Why Jimmy wearing hat in night

  59. Lisa Gomez

    Lisa GomezKun oldin

    total drama island but in real life

  60. Kaely Tran

    Kaely TranKun oldin

    I love Chanler

  61. f41thx s410m4

    f41thx s410m4Kun oldin

    12:23 when you ship karl and sapnap + quackity but then you realized your a multishipper

  62. C. Antonio Day

    C. Antonio DayKun oldin

    Please visit Upper Marlboro MD soon


    TARIQ KHANKun oldin

    they could have called back a BOY

  64. _xDan BG?_

    _xDan BG?_Kun oldin

    Im so happy that chandler won but the goverment want taxing money bruh what a messed up

  65. sniper YT

    sniper YTKun oldin

    I supporting you chandler

  66. sniper YT

    sniper YTKun oldin

    Chandler i love you

  67. Maputi Aron

    Maputi AronKun oldin

    Ethan is so happy even he lose

  68. lorilyn villapaz

    lorilyn villapazKun oldin

    i was hoping karl would win

  69. Amirul Zukhni

    Amirul ZukhniKun oldin

    Omg hiiii

  70. Fransico Orellana

    Fransico OrellanaKun oldin

    The way chan chan said ez tho lol 😆

  71. Keating Killelea

    Keating KilleleaKun oldin

    I’m so happy for Chandler. Anyone else?

  72. Rocco Gutin

    Rocco GutinKun oldin


  73. Andrew Truscott II

    Andrew Truscott IIKun oldin

    Yawn chandler won

  74. Andrew Truscott II

    Andrew Truscott IIKun oldin

    Sorry I meant yay

  75. Strawwatgat

    StrawwatgatKun oldin

    Who else went and subscribed to every channel that Jimmy said????

  76. Bradley Barrios

    Bradley BarriosKun oldin

    Just to let ya know i’m subbed to all channels :D

  77. Maisie__ Playz

    Maisie__ PlayzKun oldin

    Mrbeast in ten years: last to leave Mars wins it

  78. Alana McCarthy

    Alana McCarthyKun oldin

    the channel wouldn’t be the same without karl lmao

  79. Ebenezer Ayana

    Ebenezer AyanaKun oldin

    21:13 *depression*

  80. Galaxy _sleepystarz

    Galaxy _sleepystarzKun oldin

    I thought it was $700,000-

  81. Panboi 2345

    Panboi 2345Kun oldin

    Reminds me of total drama island

  82. NMgaming

    NMgamingKun oldin

    He has mortal kombat Armageddon music in this

  83. Johncraig page

    Johncraig pageKun oldin

    Mr beast Can pick a person from the Philippines? I really loved to watch your all videos 😊

  84. Muniira Abdi

    Muniira AbdiKun oldin

    i subscribed for tags

  85. Jordae Banton

    Jordae BantonKun oldin

    chandler and karl: i love you 'kiss'

  86. Legend Phoenix

    Legend PhoenixKun oldin

    this was released on my birthday :)

  87. Ruby Moulder

    Ruby MoulderKun oldin


  88. Zakariyyah Carim

    Zakariyyah CarimKun oldin

    I feel sorry for carl

  89. dying being me

    dying being meKun oldin

    I'm happy Chandler won because hes just better

  90. Ricardo Ortiz

    Ricardo OrtizKun oldin


  91. Ricardo Ortiz

    Ricardo OrtizKun oldin


  92. Alifiya Jetpurwala

    Alifiya JetpurwalaKun oldin

    12:21 made my heart happy

  93. Myth San

    Myth SanKun oldin

    when only Chris clapped for Karl uwu man

  94. احمد الدواي

    احمد الدوايKun oldin

    That’s so Embarrassing

  95. Shawaiz Khan

    Shawaiz Khan2 kun oldin

    Karl so sad lol

  96. dhara sheth

    dhara sheth2 kun oldin

    On the first challenge I was very sad as jade had to go out on the first challenge

  97. NotTkMatt

    NotTkMatt2 kun oldin

    Jimmy everytime someone gets out of the island: Oh no, anyways

  98. Aaron Tocktoo

    Aaron Tocktoo2 kun oldin

    Dose Karl ever win

  99. Sezai Sarp Övütmen

    Sezai Sarp Övütmen2 kun oldin

    Hello Mr.Beast whatever your name and I subscribed to you channel love you

  100. Dhruv Gaming

    Dhruv Gaming2 kun oldin

    12:21 😂

  101. Isabella Daidone

    Isabella Daidone2 kun oldin

    I felt so bad for carl

  102. Fahad S

    Fahad S2 kun oldin

    I died @ 8:43 😂

  103. Ms. Cheesecake

    Ms. Cheesecake2 kun oldin

    Karl crying at the end sent me 200 universes away💀

  104. Scott Witt

    Scott Witt2 kun oldin


  105. Derek Barahona

    Derek Barahona2 kun oldin

    I love how chandler kisses Karl on the cheek at 12:23

  106. Emanuel Rosado

    Emanuel Rosado2 kun oldin

    Let’s gooooooooo Chandler

  107. ali july4th

    ali july4th2 kun oldin

    Yay Chandler won !!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  108. Hazel King

    Hazel King2 kun oldin

    Drama island:D

  109. Ryan Schott

    Ryan Schott2 kun oldin

    He lost his hat? 🎩