Would You Rather Have A Giant Diamond or $100,000?

I cant believe i spent this much again....
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  1. Susan Hanlon

    Susan HanlonSoat oldin

    EVERY 20 MINS: Andre making $$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. L 666

    L 666Soat oldin

    ship chandler and karl so much

  3. I’m so lonely

    I’m so lonely3 soat oldin

    The holesomeness in this vid was ADORABLE

  4. aarav sharma

    aarav sharma4 soat oldin

    3:48 karl kicks out lol

  5. LJ Personal Training

    LJ Personal Training9 soat oldin


  6. The Rolling Boat

    The Rolling Boat10 soat oldin

    Love your videos!

  7. Lauren Reese

    Lauren Reese13 soat oldin

    Awww proposing on cam..imagine her saying nooo

  8. Shahed Altosh

    Shahed Altosh13 soat oldin

    We love you so much

  9. kingbrighty

    kingbrighty13 soat oldin

    3:55 - "I’ve got a ton of prizes" The baby toy 😦

  10. Relaxation and Meditation

    Relaxation and Meditation13 soat oldin

    Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day ❤️

  11. Nidhi

    Nidhi14 soat oldin

    September 26 is my birthdays

  12. Emma Pierce

    Emma Pierce17 soat oldin

    I ammso mad my soccer prctice

  13. Shemika Shem

    Shemika Shem18 soat oldin

    MR Beast you need to come to my country Belize!!!🤘🤘🤗🤗

  14. Kruz Holder

    Kruz Holder21 soat oldin

    Chris karate kicked the finish line 😭

  15. Dr [REDACTED]

    Dr [REDACTED]22 soat oldin

    I really want a Samoyed

  16. piercelemon

    piercelemon22 soat oldin

    8:19 i think ive seen this guy

  17. DeathCatThor

    DeathCatThorKun oldin


  18. Miles Greller

    Miles GrellerKun oldin


  19. B R

    B RKun oldin


  20. reynold pineda

    reynold pinedaKun oldin

    reynold pineda mr beast . im your fan in phillipines i need your help for mom medication . . . plss plsss plsss thank you and godbless

  21. Tyreese Telfer

    Tyreese TelferKun oldin

    Come to London

  22. Local Guide & Entertainment

    Local Guide & EntertainmentKun oldin

    wish me a try this

  23. Benjamin Klág

    Benjamin KlágKun oldin

    3:58 Double shot :()

  24. Agorian Boy

    Agorian BoyKun oldin

    I need a Mac book pro please gift me 😭😭😭🙏🙏😭😭😭

  25. Jojo Chloe

    Jojo ChloeKun oldin

    I have Dragon city

  26. GreenGhost

    GreenGhostKun oldin

    12:42 VERY VERY SOLO

  27. Agent Perry

    Agent PerryKun oldin

    Pretty sure red guy is piss bby ahajakbsdsdbshshdvdbisn Agdnt perry

  28. DAvD Esda

    DAvD EsdaKun oldin

    yeee yeee ye

  29. Crooked Robloxbox

    Crooked RobloxboxKun oldin


  30. Elmer Duck Elekell

    Elmer Duck ElekellKun oldin

    3:56 Jimmy hits two shots with one ball

  31. Abi LyonsYT

    Abi LyonsYTKun oldin


  32. Plinio Ribeiro

    Plinio RibeiroKun oldin

    I love your videos

  33. Nour cell

    Nour cell2 kun oldin

    Mr Beast do you have an airplane in the back round

  34. Karleigh Heil

    Karleigh Heil2 kun oldin

    if you were to ask me, I would pick the diamond because I could take it to a pawn shop and then I could give it to the pawn sell, or whatever he is called I, I forget, but I could get a lot of money from that, or I would just keep it I don't know


    G CHANDRAMOHANAN2 kun oldin

    Mr beast in 2050=spending 24 hours in heaven

  36. Tracy Ramer

    Tracy Ramer2 kun oldin

    i sall a baby HAHA

  37. ad naZ

    ad naZ2 kun oldin

    this guy proposed in front of 57M people

  38. sonia devi

    sonia deviKun oldin

    So cute ❤️

  39. Mehmet emin Gurkan

    Mehmet emin Gurkan2 kun oldin

    I’m pro in dragon city

  40. Jen Martinez

    Jen Martinez2 kun oldin

    Mr.Beast:You just won ten thousand dollars Me:Of mustered

  41. Kahlil Money

    Kahlil Money2 kun oldin

    When Chris farted I was dying💀😂😂😂😂

  42. Jacob Magallon

    Jacob Magallon2 kun oldin

    John even got the mr beast merch sheesh

  43. Dave The dragon

    Dave The dragon2 kun oldin


  44. IJR Gamer

    IJR Gamer2 kun oldin

    Omg 7:36 Chris kicked the finish line?!

  45. Zeki Saul

    Zeki Saul2 kun oldin

    I love how he propose to her

  46. Trashy Bird

    Trashy Bird2 kun oldin


  47. Badır Aslankılıç

    Badır Aslankılıç2 kun oldin


  48. Joyce Li

    Joyce Li2 kun oldin


  49. Mlg4 M4

    Mlg4 M42 kun oldin


  50. Draca UnU

    Draca UnU2 kun oldin

    Yass Dragon city is fun UvU

  51. Rifat Alvi

    Rifat Alvi2 kun oldin

    Can you give me one laptop please

  52. Aryan Saleem

    Aryan Saleem2 kun oldin


  53. lazer_16 Gamingz

    lazer_16 Gamingz2 kun oldin

    The cup guy is crying

  54. prometheus sultan

    prometheus sultan3 kun oldin

    Wow is cool

  55. Mohit Kumar X'C

    Mohit Kumar X'C3 kun oldin

    hey bro you never gave anyone money in india.

  56. kubby boi

    kubby boi3 kun oldin

    mrbeast 2090 i bought mars and last to leave wins it

  57. brockstuff

    brockstuff3 kun oldin

    Bruh givemeh

  58. Jatin entertainment marvel hd

    Jatin entertainment marvel hd3 kun oldin

    Mr Chris with 10000oh Mr Chris with 10000oh Lol

  59. GAmER YT

    GAmER YT3 kun oldin

    I don't have any friends 😞

  60. king‘s crazy mixed Channel

    king‘s crazy mixed Channel3 kun oldin

    I want more money

  61. Charlie 831

    Charlie 8313 kun oldin

    For the red cup stacks I would’ve just kept them stacked how they are in the package and keep on stacking everywhere

  62. Dablu Pathak

    Dablu Pathak3 kun oldin

    Ever felt useless think about the man siting on the cams counting the cups



    9:28 sapnap:👁👄👁🔪

  64. Yancy Benedict Candido

    Yancy Benedict Candido3 kun oldin

    Can you help me Mr.beast? I have a problem

  65. Maria Silver

    Maria Silver3 kun oldin

    Corn have no dog yeeeeeeeeeeeehàaaaaaaaaaaa

  66. Rafael Gossard

    Rafael Gossard3 kun oldin


  67. Charlie Shannon

    Charlie Shannon3 kun oldin

    I’m glad you did the dragon city thing cuz I have that and I have seen all the mr beast guys and actually breaded the new dragon that just came in the game wich was the sniper wolf one I got it

  68. Cat Gaming Secundar

    Cat Gaming Secundar3 kun oldin

    mustar in romania is very good too mici

  69. PotatoAmy & OctoGirl

    PotatoAmy & OctoGirl3 kun oldin

    random guy getting money: carries Karl. Karl: wow your really tall O_⍜

  70. Ruby Wells

    Ruby Wells3 kun oldin


  71. Reel Steel

    Reel Steel3 kun oldin



    TANNER PLANTE3 kun oldin

    Can you invite me to one on Minecraft Game Mr. beast do you earn $10,000


    TANNER PLANTE3 kun oldin

    I meant to say can I win $10,000 in a Minecraft game

  74. Zane Can

    Zane Can3 kun oldin

    Lol right

  75. ceejay mades

    ceejay mades3 kun oldin

    8:50 LOLOLOLOL

  76. Muhammad Shahnawaz

    Muhammad Shahnawaz3 kun oldin

    7:32 omg

  77. BlaZe RaGeR

    BlaZe RaGeR3 kun oldin

    Idea you should put cameras in there rooms so then the people at home can see there progress

  78. The935panguin No last name

    The935panguin No last name3 kun oldin

    I love how he just sat and looked at the cups fall

  79. flame playstation

    flame playstation3 kun oldin

    gaint diamond

  80. Abner The basset

    Abner The basset3 kun oldin

    Please help me

  81. Bailey Inzerillo

    Bailey Inzerillo4 kun oldin

    ok but guy in dragon city was kinda cute

  82. Wiip :D Poop

    Wiip :D Poop4 kun oldin

    3:17 it sounded something else commed to chrises pants 😐

  83. Josephine Gomez

    Josephine Gomez4 kun oldin

    I want Diamond brother please

  84. Mohammed Qaid Abdullah Ali

    Mohammed Qaid Abdullah Ali4 kun oldin

    mr beast i hope you are reading i want to work with u i buy something from you

  85. amol chougule

    amol chougule4 kun oldin

    5:36 😂 😂 😂 sad for chandler. He always got betrayed by basketball 😂

  86. Naomi Jones

    Naomi Jones4 kun oldin

    I would get the money because I could get the ring when I have the money 😂

  87. Jhan Lhei G. Tominez

    Jhan Lhei G. Tominez4 kun oldin

    chris cheated he kicked the line 7:24

  88. Carly Shearing

    Carly Shearing4 kun oldin

    Mr beast is so kind so i think 🤔 someone should do something 🤔

  89. Carly Shearing

    Carly Shearing4 kun oldin


  90. Carly Shearing

    Carly Shearing4 kun oldin

    Haha red cub boom

  91. Carly Shearing

    Carly Shearing4 kun oldin

    I love mr beast vids

  92. Khevana Ankoliya

    Khevana Ankoliya4 kun oldin

    He sold it 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩

  93. Minh Quân Đặng

    Minh Quân Đặng4 kun oldin

    3:56 Who realize Jimmy got a double shot

  94. Misha Sub

    Misha Sub4 kun oldin

    Me at the end:is he ok

  95. Trying to get to 50k with no vids love

    Trying to get to 50k with no vids love4 kun oldin

    Helping people is such an amazing thing, you are literally helping life’s of SO many people and you make our days so much better. Love 🧡

  96. Trying to get to 50k with no vids love

    Trying to get to 50k with no vids love4 kun oldin

    Helping people is such an amazing thing, you are literally helping life’s of SO many people and you make our days so much better. Love 🧡

  97. Shashank S

    Shashank S4 kun oldin

    the cup guy shoud hv won 20 grand



    I already know dragon city

  99. daniel khaling

    daniel khaling4 kun oldin

    Chandler was getting soo excited

  100. •Gatcha Friend•

    •Gatcha Friend•4 kun oldin


  101. Jupiter

    Jupiter4 kun oldin


  102. Mary Jane Urbano

    Mary Jane Urbano4 kun oldin

    Can u help me buy cars 😁😁 for my bussines mr beast